RSLINX Lite Classic

RSLinx Classic for Rockwell Automation Networks and Devices is a comprehensive factory communication solution, providing Allen-Bradley programmable controller access to a wide variety of Rockwell Software and Allen-Bradley applications.

These range from device programming and configuration applications such as RSLogix and RSNetWorx, to HMI (Human-Machine Interface) applications such as RSView32, FactoryTalk View SE (Site Edition), and FactoryTalk View ME (Machine Editation), to your own data acquisition applications using Microsoft Office, web pages, or Visual Basic®. RSLinx Classic also incorporates advanced data optimization techniques and contains a set of diagnostics. The API (Application Programming Interface) supports custom applications developed with the RSLinx Classic SDK. RSLinx Classic is an OPC Data Access Compliant Server and a DDE server.

Differences Between RSLINX:

RSLinx Classic is available in four versions to meet the demand for a variety of cost and functionality requirements. Depending on the version you are running, some functionality may or may not be operational. Refer to the following sections for specific version functionality.

The RSLinx Classic version you are running appears in the title bar at the top of the main window. If a version of RSLinx Classic is started without the proper activation files, it runs as RSLinx Classic Lite.

RSLinx Classic Lite RSLinx Classic Lite provides the minimum functionality required to support RSLogix and RSNetWorx. This version is not commercially available, but is bundled with products that require only direct access to the RSLinx Classic network drivers. This version does not support OPC, DDE, or the published RSLinx Classic C API (Application Programming Interface).

RSLinx Classic Lite is used for the following:

    • Ladder logic programming using RSLogix products.
    • Network and device configuration and diagnostics using RSNetWorx.
    • Configuring Ethernet modules and devices (for example, 1756-ENET, 1756-DHRIO, and so on).
    • Upgrading firmware using ControlFlash.
    • Browsing networks and getting device information such as firmware revision.

Automation Networks ANC Gateway Converter Series provide an interace to Networks including Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus DH+. This solution includes:

1784-U2DHP: USB to DataHighway+ (DH+)

ANC120e 300x115 - RSLINX Lite Classic

pdf icon - RSLINX Lite ClassicANC-100e RSLINX Controllogix Ethernet/IP to DH+ Application Note

The ANC-120e is an economical and high performance USB to AB DH+ PLC Programming Cable, alternative to the 1784-U2DHP, interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to PLCs on DH+. Efficiently engineered using the AB Controllogix Ethernet/IP driver for faster throughput.  

$995 USD List.

anc 100e 281x300 - RSLINX Lite Classic

ANC-100e, RSLINX Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) Gateway Converter Series. $995 USD List. The ANC-100e is an economical and high performance, “pocket-sized” converter interfacing Factory Automation Devices between Ethernet/IP and PLC-5s & SLC-504s on Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus DH+. This is an alternative converter solution to the 1756-DHRIO / 1756-ENBT Controllogix Gateway.

$995 USD List