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785 ENET PLC Module

The 1785-ENET is an Ethernet communication module designed for use with Allen-Bradley's PLC-5 series of programmable logic controllers...

The 1785-ENET is an Ethernet communication module designed for use with Allen-Bradley’s PLC-5 series of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This module provides Ethernet connectivity to PLC-5 systems, enabling them to communicate over an Ethernet network. The integration of the 1785-ENET module into a PLC-5 system allows for enhanced networking capabilities and remote access to the PLC for programming, monitoring, and data collection. Here are some of the key features and aspects of the 1785-ENET module:

Key Features:

  1. Ethernet Interface: The 1785-ENET module enables Ethernet communication for PLC-5 controllers. It supports Ethernet/IP, allowing for integration into modern industrial networks.
  2. Communication Protocols: It typically supports protocols such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP, facilitating data exchange with other networked devices.
  3. Remote Access and Control: With this module, PLC-5 controllers can be accessed remotely for programming and monitoring, which is particularly useful for large-scale industrial environments where controllers are distributed across different locations.
  4. Data Collection and Transfer: It allows for efficient data collection and transfer between the PLC and other devices on the network, such as operator interfaces, data loggers, and other PLC systems.
  5. Enhanced Connectivity: The module provides a means to connect legacy PLC-5 systems to modern Ethernet networks, thus extending the life and functionality of these systems in contemporary industrial settings.


  1. Industrial Automation: Used in various industrial automation applications where PLC-5 controllers are implemented, such as manufacturing processes, assembly lines, and material handling systems.
  2. System Integration: Enables the integration of PLC-5 systems into broader control systems that use Ethernet for communication, facilitating interoperability and data sharing.
  3. Upgrade of Legacy Systems: Offers a solution for upgrading the communication capabilities of PLC-5 systems without replacing the entire PLC infrastructure.

Installation and Configuration:

  1. Installation: The module is installed in a slot of the PLC-5 chassis. Proper configuration is required to set up the Ethernet network parameters.
  2. Configuration Software: Configuration is typically done through Allen-Bradley software tools, such as RSLogix 5, where network settings, IP addresses, and routing tables can be set.
  3. Compatibility Considerations: It’s important to ensure compatibility with the specific PLC-5 model and the existing network infrastructure.


The 1785-ENET module plays a crucial role in modernizing PLC-5 systems by providing Ethernet connectivity, thereby enhancing their communication capabilities and ensuring compatibility with modern industrial network standards. This module is an important component in extending the viability and performance of legacy PLC systems in current industrial environments.

ANC-100e Ethernet IP to AB's DH+ Converter

The Automation Networks ANC-100e communicates with all SCADA, HMI, PLC programming with direct Ethernet/IP access to the DH+ network and stations. 

ANC-100e has similar replacement features as the Controllogix 1756-DHRIO / 1756-ENBT, and AB 1784 Interface Cards: 1784-U2DHP, 1784-KTx, 1784-PKTx, 1784-PCMK and Prosoft AN-X2-DHRIO Converters.

$1,295 USD List. Apr 1, 2024

Overnight Shipping Available

ANC-120e USB to AB's DH+

The ANC-120e is an economical and high performance USB-to-Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus converter interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to Devices on DH+. Its features significantly outperform AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable operating at 12 Mg USB speed with the Controllogix Ethernet/IP Driver.

The ANC-120e works with all SCADA, MMI, PLC programming packages installed on your PC with USB direct access to the DH+ network and stations. These packages include RSLINX/LOGIX Classic & Enterprise with RSLOGIX 5/500, Wonderware DAServer & TCP/IO Server, Citect, and Kepware using Controllogix Ethernet/IP Drivers. 

$995 USD List. Apr 1, 2024

Overnight Shipping Available

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