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modicon x80 modules

The Modicon X80 modules are a range of modules designed to enhance and expand the functionality of Modicon PLCs, specifically within the Modicon M580 and M340 automation platforms by Schneider Electric. These modules offer flexibility and scalability for various industrial automation applications.

Key Features of Modicon X80 Modules

  1. Modular Design: The X80 series features a modular design, allowing users to customize their PLC systems by adding or replacing modules according to their specific needs.
  2. Compatibility: Designed to be fully compatible with Modicon M580 and M340 platforms, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use.
  3. Wide Range of Modules: Includes digital and analog I/O modules, communication modules, power supplies, and special function modules to cover diverse application requirements.
  4. High Performance: Built to deliver reliable performance in demanding industrial environments, ensuring robustness and durability.
  5. Ease of Maintenance: Modules are designed for easy installation and maintenance, with features such as hot-swappable capability to minimize downtime.

Types of Modicon X80 Modules

Digital I/O Modules

  • Digital Input Modules: Used to interface with digital sensors and switches, providing status information to the PLC.
  • Digital Output Modules: Used to control actuators, relays, and other digital devices.

Analog I/O Modules

  • Analog Input Modules: Interface with analog sensors, converting signals such as voltage or current into digital values for the PLC.
  • Analog Output Modules: Convert digital values from the PLC into analog signals to control devices like valves and variable speed drives.

Communication Modules

  • Ethernet Communication Modules: Provide Ethernet connectivity for integrating PLCs with SCADA systems, HMIs, and other networked devices.
  • Serial Communication Modules: Enable serial communication with devices using protocols like Modbus RTU.
  • Fieldbus Communication Modules: Support various industrial communication standards such as Profibus, CANopen, and DeviceNet.

Power Supply Modules

  • Provide the necessary power for the PLC system and its modules, available in different voltage ratings and power capacities.

Special Function Modules

  • Counter Modules: Used for high-speed counting applications.
  • Position Control Modules: For precise motion control applications.
  • Temperature Input Modules: Interface with temperature sensors like thermocouples and RTDs.

Applications of Modicon X80 Modules

  1. Process Automation: Used in industries like oil and gas, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals for process control and monitoring.
  2. Manufacturing: Deployed in assembly lines, robotic systems, and machinery control for enhanced automation.
  3. Energy Management: Used in power plants, substations, and renewable energy systems for efficient energy management and control.
  4. Water and Wastewater Treatment: Applied in water treatment plants for monitoring and controlling treatment processes.

Integration with Modicon M580 and M340

  • Modicon M580: Known as the ePAC (Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller), it combines Ethernet communication with PAC functionality. X80 modules extend the M580’s capabilities with enhanced I/O, communication, and special functions.
  • Modicon M340: A compact and versatile PLC for mid-range applications. X80 modules provide additional I/O and communication options, enhancing the M340’s flexibility and scalability.

Programming and Configuration

Modicon X80 modules are configured and programmed using Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly Unity Pro) software. This software provides an intuitive interface for programming, configuring, and diagnosing the PLC and its modules. It supports multiple programming languages and advanced features to simplify the development process.


The Modicon X80 modules offer a robust and versatile solution for expanding and enhancing the capabilities of Modicon M580 and M340 PLCs. With a wide range of I/O, communication, power supply, and special function modules, the X80 series provides the flexibility and scalability needed for diverse industrial automation applications. Whether for process control, manufacturing, energy management, or water treatment, Modicon X80 modules ensure reliable performance and ease of integration.

ANC-100e Ethernet IP to AB's DH+ Converter

The Automation Networks ANC-100e communicates with all SCADA, HMI, PLC programming with direct Ethernet/IP access to the DH+ network and stations. 

ANC-100e has similar replacement features as the Controllogix 1756-DHRIO / 1756-ENBT, and AB 1784 Interface Cards: 1784-U2DHP, 1784-KTx, 1784-PKTx, 1784-PCMK and Prosoft AN-X2-DHRIO Converters.

$1,295 USD List. Apr 1, 2024

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ANC-120e USB to AB's DH+

The ANC-120e is an economical and high performance USB-to-Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus converter interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to Devices on DH+. Its features significantly outperform AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable operating at 12 Mg USB speed with the Controllogix Ethernet/IP Driver.

The ANC-120e works with all SCADA, MMI, PLC programming packages installed on your PC with USB direct access to the DH+ network and stations. These packages include RSLINX/LOGIX Classic & Enterprise with RSLOGIX 5/500, Wonderware DAServer & TCP/IO Server, Citect, and Kepware using Controllogix Ethernet/IP Drivers. 

$995 USD List. Apr 1, 2024

Overnight Shipping Available

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