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 ANC-120e, USB to DH+ PLC Programming Cable, Alternative to the


The ANC-120e is an economical and high performance USB-to-Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus converter interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to Devices on DH+. Its features significantly outperform AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable operating at 12 Mg USB speed with the Controllogix Ethernet/IP Driver.


The ANC-120e works with all SCADA, MMI, PLC programming packages installed on your PC with USB direct access to the DH+ network and stations. These packages include RSLINX/LOGIX Classic & Enterprise with RSLOGIX 5/500, Wonderware DAServer & TCP/IO Server, Citect, and Kepware using Controllogix Ethernet/IP Drivers.
$995 USD List. 

30 day free trial and lifetime replacement warranty if defective.

RSLINX Classic Configuration

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We connect with popular Ethernet & Fieldbus Industrial Protocols / Networks including Allen-Bradley’s Ethernet CSP, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Data Highway Plus (DH+); Siemen’s Profibus & Profinet; Schneider Electric Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP/IP. Other Industrial protocols & Networks includes CC-Link, BACnet MS/TP,  BACnet/IP & MELSEC. ANC-120e Dec. 2016 Product Review:

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What’s New

Automation Networks ANC-100e June 2018 Sale: $995 USD (SRP $1,195 USD List)

The ANC-100e is a pocket-sized, high performance, Industrial Rated Ethernet DH+ Converter.  Features include: Ease of Configuration via Web Interface, DH+ Auto Polarity Detection and DH+ Auto Baud Rate Detection. ANC-120e 24 minute Video Review:
Thank you Shawn from for positive comments of our ANC-120e. Below is his 24 minute video reviewing the ease of setting up this 1784-U2DHP Alternative.

Automation Blog Comments:

“Now you may be asking yourself why the folks over at Automation Networks would release a USB to DH+ converter when Rockwell already makes the 1784-U2DHP?

Well if you haven’t looked lately, that Rockwell cable now lists for a whopping $3,140, while the ANC-120e lists for $995. But how well could a third party DH+ cable really work?”

Episode 35 of The Automation Podcast


Ethernet/IP to DH+ Converter

$995 USD List til June 30, 2018

The Automation Networks ANC-100e communicates with all SCADA, HMI, PLC programming with direct Ethernet/IP access to the DH+ network and stations.

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ANC-100e SALE:  $995 USD List til June 30, 2018.
ANC-100e has similar replacement features as the Controllogix 1756-DHRIO / 1756-ENBT, and AB 1784 Interface Cards: 1784-U2DHP, 1784-KTx, 1784-PKTx, 1784-PCMK and Prosoft AN-X2-DHRIO Converters.
$1,195 USD List.

30 day free trial and lifetime replacement warranty if defective.

RSLINXs Classic Configuration

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Multiple Fieldbus and Ethernet

Protocol Options in One Gateway Converter

The ANC-300e has the combined performance as an Ethernet and RS-485 serial converter.
The gateway behaves like a protocol converter/translator that allows difficult data interchanges and connections between incompatible networks.

The ANC-300e is an easily configurable Ethernet / RS-485 converter gateway, that provides integrated communication between all the above common industrial and commercial communication networks and provides a common platform which is convenient and easy to setup in all products. The Automation Network ANC-300e Ethernet & Fieldbus Gateway Converter allows data to be seamlessly transferred between Ethernet to Ethernet and Ethernet to RS-485 networks with simple configuration. $525 USD List.

ANC 500

Profibus to Modbus RTU / Multiple Serial Protocol Converter

The Automation Networks ANC-500 PROFIBUS DP-V1 Gateway allows information to be transferred seamlessly between PROFIBUS and RS-485 networks with minimal configuration requirements.

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PLC-style logical, arithmetic and filtering database manipulation operations allow the construction of complex autonomous data conditioning functions.
$575 USD List.


DeviceNet to Modbus RTU

Gateway Converter

The Automation Networks ANC-700 is a Modbus Master/Slave Gateway to DeviceNet (Slave) which allows information to be transferred seamlessly between DeviceNet and RS-485 networks with minimal configuration requirements.

The ANC-700  converter provides a DeviceNet port  (5-conductor pluggable terminal block style)  and an RS-485 port  (4-wire terminal block style ).

PLC-style logical, arithmetic and filtering database manipulation operations allow the construction of complex autonomous data conditioning functions.

The converter has the flexibility to choose Modbus Master/Slave as well as  other RS485 serial protocols.
$575 USD List.

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