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ANC-700 DeviceNet Slave to serial protocols



The Automation Networks ANC-700 is a Modbus Master/Slave Gateway to DeviceNet (Slave) which allows information to be transferred seamlessly between DeviceNet and RS-485 networks with minimal configuration requirements. The ANC-200 provides a DeviceNet port (5-conductor pluggable terminal block style) and an RS-485 port (4-wire terminal block style ). The RS-485 port supports multiple protocols. PLC-style logical, arithmetic and filtering database manipulation operations allow the construction of complex autonomous data conditioning functions.

$575 USD LIST.


The ANC-200 is part of the ANC Gateway Series product family.  The ANC platform is designed to provide a uniform interface, configuration and application experience. This commonality reduces the user’s learning curve, reducing commissioning time while simplifying support.

RS485 Serial Protocols:

The ANC-700 Gateway has the flexibility to choose Modbus Master/Slave as well as  other RS485 serial protocols which include: Modbus Sniffer, A.O. Smith AIN, A.O. Smith PDNP, BACnet MS/TP Client, BACnet MS/TP Server, TCS Basys Master, MSA Chillgard Monitor, DMX 512-Master, DMX-512 Slave, M-Bus Master, Metasys N2 Master, Metasys N2 Slave, Siemens FLN Master, Siemens FLN Slave, Sullair Master, Toshiba ASD Master, Toshiba PLC Master.

Automation Networks ANC-700 Modbus RTU to DeviceNet Highlights:

        • Configure protocols, network characteristics, and client/server object definitions
        • Graphically interact with the internal database in real-time
        • Automatically update device firmware.
        • Define autonomous internal elements such as database logic and object failsafe values
        • Capture, display and save serial network traffic with microsecond-precision timestamps

The ANC-700 incorporates a variety of leading-edge automation technology elements, such as:

        • Power can be supplied via the USB cable (for configuration at a workstation) or as a 7-24VDC input on the main terminal block
        • Simultaneously supports DeviceNet COS, cyclic, polled and bit-strobed I/O connections
        • Explicit messaging access to entire internal database as 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit data types
        • User-configurable network timeout behaviors
        • USB connectivity with virtual COM port support
        • 2-wire / 4-wire RS-485 network supports baud rates up to 115.2kbaud
        • Desktop, panel/wall and DIN-rail mountable (all hardware included)
        • Supports DeviceNet auto baud rate detection
        • Controlled by a powerful 32-bit processor
        • Supports up to 256 bytes of I/O data in each direction F

Current Networks Supported Include:

        • DeviceNet (group 2 server)
        • Modbus RTU (master, slave & sniffer)
        • BACnet MS/TP (client & server)
        • Johnson Controls Metasys® N2 (master & slave)
        • Toshiba ASD protocol (master)
        • Sullair Supervisor protocol (master)
        • DMX-512 (master & slave)
        • M-Bus (master)
        • Siemens FLN (master & slave)


Network InterfaceDeviceNet, RS-485, USB Virtual COM Port
ProtocolsA. O. Smith AIN Slave, A. O. Smith PDNP Master, BACnet MS/TP Client, BACnet MS/TP Server, DeviceNet Slave, DMX-512 Master, DMX-512 Slave, M-Bus Master, Metasys N2 Master, Metasys N2 Slave, Modbus RTU Master, Modbus RTU Slave, Modbus RTU Sniffer, Siemens FLN Master, Siemens FLN Slave, Sullair Supervisor Master, TCS Basys Master, Toshiba ASD Master, Toshiba Computer Link Master
Power Supply7 to 24VDC, USB
User Configuration InterfaceICC Configuration Studio via USB 2.0
Network Timeout ActionNo
Mounting OptionsDesktop, DIN-rail, Panel/Wall
Mounting Hardware IncludedYes
Configuration File Upload/DownloadYes
LED IndicatorsYes
ROHS CompliantYes
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