PLC-5/26 Processor Overview

Cat. No.ProcessorUser Memory Words, Max. Memory TypesTotal I/O, Max.Analog I/O, Max.I/O Scan Time per Rack∆ 
Standard PLC-5 Processors with Protected Memories
1785-L26BPLC-5/2616 kB•Battery-backed static RAM
•EEPROM program backup option using:
1785-ME16, -ME32, -ME64, and -M100
•512 (any mix) or
•512 in + 512 out (complementary)
512•10 ms at 57.6 kbit/s
•7 ms at 115.2 kbit/s
•3 ms at 230.4 kbit/s



PLC-5/26 Processor
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