With the PacDrive 3 LMC Pro and LMC Eco arrangement controllers, MachineStruxure offers an adaptable equipment stage for complete mechanization arrangements, including a rationale and movement/apply autonomy part.

Beginning with controllers for synchronizing up to four servo tomahawks, PacDrive gives versatile execution to synchronizing up to 99 servo tomahawks (at a 1 ms system upgrade rate), and up to 255 virtual tomahawks.

All controllers are programming perfect, since all have indistinguishable Schneider Electric Logic Motion Runtime programming. Clients can program up to 4,096 element electronic cam circles working in parallel.

The project can switch between electronic cam plates amid operation. All controllers have an incorporated PLC (5 μsec for 1000-piece guidelines).

One coordinated, adaptable mechanization stage

PLC, movement/mechanical autonomy and IT usefulness, no extra and/or exclusive equipment required for the complete machine (incl. mechanical technology)

Versatile Controller execution from 0 to 99 servo drives (in parallel up to 250 virtual tomahawks) and installed robots

4096 element electronic cam circles can be worked in parallel

1 msec system upgrade rate for 99 servo tomahawks

Incorporated fast I/O – remotely expandable

Correspondence as per global measures

Completely Ethernet-based correspondence with Sercos for I/O-movement (mechanical technology)- and safe correspondence

supporting other RT Ethernet arrangements, standard IEC field transports and also TCP/IP correspondence

underpins worldwide convention norms for vertical joining, remote support and web administrations,

One Engineering programming for the complete machine life cycle

One CoDeSys based programming apparatus – SoMachine

One machine program agreeable to IEC 61131-3 for controlling the complete machine

SoMachine Tools for supporting the entire designing procedure with PacDrive controllers, including charging, diagnostics and maintenanceenergy effectiveness approaches

Application libraries and open source programming accessible

Libraries for actualizing the rules of PackML and Weihenstephan standard

FDA and PLCopen agreeable library capacities


A premise for supportable robotization arrangements

PacDrive controllers are intended for brought together framework structures. This unified methodology offers huge advantages, including shorter designing times, diminished framework multifaceted nature, and shorter support times for PacDrive-based mechanization arrangements :

Secluded equipment and programming plan for more noteworthy straightforwardness

Completely incorporated programming plans with one instrument idea for programming PLC and movement/apply autonomy functionalities

Program recreation with no genuine servo pivot for quicker improvement and appointing

Incorporated demonstrative capacities, for example, information lumberjack and oscilloscope for brisk and exact determination

Fitting and-play arrangement with programmed parameterizing/firmware adaption of (Sercos) parts for shorter support times


PacDrive LMC controllers meet the common prerequisites for robotizing financially an extensive variety of creation and bundling apparatus, and in addition material taking care of and get together framework.

General machine control

Bundling machine automation

Packaging machine automation