Modicon X80 Modules

  • The X80 family of modules works with Quantum PACs in an Ethernet remote I/O configuration, or local to the M340 PAC and with the M580 ePAC in a local and Ethernet remote I/O configuration. X80 modules include backplanes, power supplies, Ethernet RIO communication modules, discrete and analog I/O modules, network communication modules and expert modules.High level services
    • X80 Modules are configured using Unity Pro Software
    • Configure X80 modules using Device Type Manager (DTMs)

    New functionalities

    • Modbus serial link in your X80 drops with QEIO
    • Sequence Of Event Time Stamped at source in a solution mode without program


    • All M340 existing modules are supported by X80 drop of QEIO (except AS-I, NOR, SSI)
    • One X80 drop can support two racks along 30m, just like the M340 PLC (up to 4 racks for M340)
    • Maximum number of supported X80 drops: 16 for 140CPU6x1xx and 31 for 140CPU6x2xx
  • Benefits

    A common I/O platform
    Reduce your maintenance and training costs: same spare parts in your stock, unique training for different PAC
  • Application

    Water Wastewater
    Mining, Minerals, Metals
    Food & Beverage
    Oil & Gas
    OEM Process