Kepware Controllogix Ethernet Driver for DH+

Item Overview

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet driver works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to give information  between OPC/DDE customers and Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers by means of Ethernet.

The ControlLogix Ethernet Device Driver can  interchanges with the 1761-NET-ENI, Micrologix Series, SLC 500 I/O Processor, SLC 500 Modular I/O Series, and PLC-5 Series. The driver likewise empowers network with the ControlLogix 5500 Series, CompactLogix 5300 Series, and FlexLogix 5400 Series that backing 1761-NET-ENI Series B. If it’s not too much trouble see the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Manual for more data.

This driver does not require a Rockwell Automation RSLinx permit.


Underpins bigger parcel sizes for ControlLogix Controllers v20 and higher (configurable up to 4000 bytes) for enhanced execution.

Serial Gateway support with detached informing, which gives access to ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, and SoftLogix gadgets by means of the ControlLogix serial port

EtherNet/IP Gateway bolster, which gives access to EtherNet/IP-empowered MicroLogix, SLC, and PLC 5 gadgets by means of the ControlLogix Ethernet Communications module

ControlLogix Performance Enhancements

Bolsters ControlLogix Gateway access through Data Highway Plus and ControlNet systems

Bolsters gadget steering, which permits access to ControlLogix, PLC 5, and SLC 500 PLCs by means of any associating system topology

Underpins Automatic Tag Database Generation through online “Associate with Device” or record based .L5K, and .L5X

Underpins Allen-Bradley Logix Tag Database Generation

Underpins access to all pre-characterized Structure Data Types, (for example, CAM, AXIS, et cetera)

Associated Messaging for Read/Write exchanges

Note: This driver is a piece of our Allen-Bradley Suite. Acquiring either the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet, Allen-Bradley DF1, Allen-Bradley DH+, Allen-Bradley Unsolicited, or Allen-Bradley PLC5/SLC505 Ethernet Driver qualifies you for the majority of the drivers

A driver is a product segment that empowers KEPServerEX to meet the correspondence prerequisites of a particular gadget, framework, or other information source. The driver handles every restrictive correspondence between the information source and KEPServerEX; KEPServerEX handles all OPC or exclusive customer interchanges between the driver and the customer application(s).

Drivers may be licensed individually or in suites. Additional drivers can be licensed on demand as connectivity needs evolve. All OPC client interfaces can connect to KEPServerEX without additional charge.

ANC120e 300x115 - Kepware Controllogix Ethernet Driver for DH+

The ANC-120e is an economical and high performance USB to AB DH+ PLC Programming Cable, alternative to the 1784-U2DHP, interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to PLCs on DH+. Efficiently engineered using the AB Controllogix Ethernet/IP driver for faster throughput.  

$1,495 USD List.

anc 100e 281x300 - Kepware Controllogix Ethernet Driver for DH+

ANC-100e, RSLINX Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) Gateway Converter Series. $995 USD List. The ANC-100e is an economical and high performance, “pocket-sized” converter interfacing Factory Automation Devices between Ethernet/IP and PLC-5s & SLC-504s on Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus DH+. This is an alternative converter solution to the 1756-DHRIO / 1756-ENBT Controllogix Gateway.

$1,295 US List