FactoryTalk View SE

FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE) is a supervisory-level HMI programming for observing and controlling disseminated server/multi-client applications. It gives a complete and exact picture of operations, taking care of the requests of different partners including building, support, operations, and creation Information Technology (IT).

FactoryTalk View SE gives vigorous and dependable usefulness in a solitary programming bundle that scales from a stand-alone HMI framework to a disseminated perception arrangement.

As clients have encountered before, FactoryTalk View SE empowers you to exploit versatility, virtualization, and other new advancements, meeting HMI challenges in procedure, clump and discrete applications and conveying basic perceivability when and where you require it.

Characterize labels and realistic protests and shows once and reference them all through a conveyed framework

Streamlined advancement with a typical supervisor for FactoryTalk View ME and SE

Offer information and incorporate consistently with other FactoryTalk empowered items. The FactoryTalk Services Platform gives basic administrations, for example, security, disturbing and diagnostics crosswise over items

Expand profitability by straightforwardly getting to label data in the controller, dispensing with the need to make HMI labels

Arrange your application from anyplace on the system and effectively roll out improvements to a running framework with remote, multi-client setup capacity

Adaptable Architecture from single station HMI to multi-customer/multi-server framework

Expand framework accessibility with inherent disappointment location and recuperation

Hearty customer side scripting to broaden applications for your particular needs

Continuous and verifiable drifting with inherent availability to FactoryTalk Historian

Review trail of administrator and caution data in an incorporated log database

Worked in library of more than 5000 pre-outlined graphical images

Extended topology takes into account up to 10 excess servers and 50 customers

Remote summons gives enhanced PlantPAx faceplate collaboration