SLMP, also known as Seamless Message Protocol, is a component of the CC-Link IE Field network that gives clients vertically coordinate field devices with controllers to data systems.  It simply intefaces field systems to information systems having standard Ethernet-compatible devices such as barcode readers and RFID scanners which can be connected using SLMP over Ethernet TCP/IP.

SLMP is a simple customer/server Type protocol.  Therefore, it can be easily put into firmware for 100Mbit/s Ethernet devices from outsider vendors, and after that connected with CC-Link IE field vía an Ethernet adapter. Any device connected in this way can then be accessed to over the system. Also, the Ethernet-compatible device can then get to every single other device connected with the CC-Link IE field system by indicating the network and station number of the communication target.

The CC-Link Partner Association works to expand the SLMP for CC-Link IE Field with a specific end goal to facilitate the gathering of information data from the field and for sending commands to field devices to handle power comsumption.

SLMP is just a protocol and not an set of hardware specificatioins, the execution just depends on supporting this protocol in software on your current Ethernet enabled device. Thus an item can be more quickly created at lower cost than is included with hardware development. Once added to, the product just connect with an Ethernet network in the typical way and can trade information with other CC-Link IE Field devices. A further advantage is that the conformance testing prerequisites are simplified, as just the software capacities should be tested.