The BBMD advances a BACnet broadcast message started by a BACnet/IP device on its subnet to others subnets with BACnet/IP devices. Upon landing in a destination subnet, the message is then show on that subnet.

The BACnet BBMD device is streamlined for high data transfer capacity use because of its 32-bit inserted Linux-based OS and our BACstac/32 protocol stack. This BACnet software is big and is the main outsider BACnet code utilized as a part of a huge number of devices from from important industry manufacturerss.

The B3060 is encased in a metal case that can be mounted standalone, in a 1U rack or on a DIN rail.

The Ethernet port uses a standard protected RJ45 connector with integral LEDs. Association status can quickly be discovered from the Link and Activity LEDs on every interface.

An inserted web server allows for configuration and solve problems via a standard web browser. A force LED is available alongside the LEDs for interface status on every interface.

IP system support:

• Web server for commisioning and solve problems

• Statistics page for diagnostics

• Secure login to web configuration and status interfaces

• BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD)

• Foreign Device Support (FDS)

Standard Communications:

• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.

• Convenient Installation