1785-ENET PLC Module

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1785-ENET Interface Module

1758-ENET is an EtherNet/IP-Interface processor that gives the PLC-5 process an  Ethernet port. This gives embedded TCP/IP communication abilities that allows the PLC-5 processor to talk with other Ethernet devices.

This processor provides accessiblity to the world of Ethernet TCP/IP offering a flexible, option solution.

This processor gives  a second Ethernet port to a Ethernet PLC-5 processor, plugging into the side of the PLC-5 processor, using the first I/O module slot.

Source Allen-Bradley


      • 10/100 MB peer-to-peer auto communication using PLC-5 messaging with an Ethernet port.
      • Through Rockwell Software RSLinx™ or INTERCHANGE Software in a computer, application programs can talk to the EtherNet/IP network and to PLC-5 processors with Ethernet ports.
      • Local Programming with DH+ or RS-232 and DH+ or EtherNet/IP with Rockwell Software programming software.
      • For network management it uses Standard Simple Network Management Protocol support.
      • Allows commands of remote I/O pass-through.
      • Uses ESMTP for Event driven e-mail messages which needs RSLogix 5 V7.0 or later).
      • Direct connection to a CAT5 network cable with a RJ45 connector.

Services of Built-in Web

Combining built in web functionality with Ethernet 1785-L20E, 40 &80 PLC-5 processors , and the EtherNet/IP interface module (1785-ENET):

      • Standard web browser lets Web Diagnostics and Module Information get access to information that is found in  PLC-5 processor data table, which includes diagnostic details which requires RSLogix5, version 5.2 or later.
      • You can create different Web User Provided Pages that allow custom data table information. This give the ability for anyone with internet access to view these pages on the PLC-5 processor, which can be either HTML pages containing images, text and data table or Custom Data Monitor pages that contain data table elements in table form.
      • Domain Name Service (DNS) lets Internet users access the built-in Web server by a specified name instead of by IP address (requires RSLogix5, version 5.2 or later).

Typical Configuration

Screen Shot 2015 12 19 at 11.58.36 AM - 1785-ENET PLC Module


Screen Shot 2015 12 19 at 12.07.35 PM - 1785-ENET PLC Module

⋆ For more information on compatibility, see the PLC-5 Ethernet Interface Module User Manual.

‡ When product is marked. See the Product Certification link at http://www.ab.com for Declarations of Conformity, Certificates, and other certification details.