1756-DHRIO Controllogix Data Highway Plus DH+ Communication Module

The Allen-Bradley 1756-DHRIO is a ControlLogix Data Highway Plus/Remote I/O communication interface module. This module has Two (2) channel options, supporting speeds of 57.6 kilobytes each second, 115.2 kilobytes each second, and 230.4 kilobytes each second, contingent upon the link length. It can move a message through a limit of three chasis and four different networks. With this module, data can be moved among different devices like PLCs, SLCs, and ControlLogix, even on various networks.

It works with the following: Remote I/O, Control and Information Protocol (CIP) Messaging, and Data Highway Plus (DH+) Messaging. It can have up to 32 Logix connections and the RIO connection can associate with a far off I/O gadget, as well as other keen gadgets. When associated with a RIO Network, it can be used either as an adapter or scanner and transfer analog, digital, block and specialty information even with the shortfall of message instructions. Before introducing the 1756-DHRIO module, you want to program the organization type switches for each channel and introduce and interface a ControlLogix power supply and case. You can introduce however many modules as you can in a similar suspension yet this will rely upon your accessible power supply. Note that modules can likewise be introduced or eliminated in any event, when the frame power is applied yet you want to notice wellbeing safety measures, especially that the region is nonhazardous and power is taken out, to forestall an electrical circular segment that can make exorbitant wear the contacts of both the module and the connector. Make a point to release potential static on the grounds that the module is delicate to electrostatic release.

RIO and DH+ convention utilizes a similar link type. Suggested links are Belden 89463 twinaxial, 0.52 mm² (20 AWG) evaluated at 200 °C (392 °F). Relevant extra connector is Phoenix terminal with part number MVSTBR2.5/3-ST BK AU.
DH+ and Remote I/O network requires the utilization of terminating resistor as it follows daisy-chain usage. This resistor is placed at the first and last node. Resistor values rely upon the organization speed. 82 Ohms is utilized for network speed of 230.4Kbps. 150 Ohms is utilized for network speed of 57.6 Kbps or 115.2 Kbps. Different options are likewise considered including the sort of device associated with the network. The ending resistor is introduced across line 1 and line 2 of the link. The third link is the safeguard link.

To end the link following RIO convention, Line 1 is associated with the base pin or terminal 1, safeguard link is ended to the center pin and Line 2 is ended to the last pin. To wire the link fittingly as DH+ convention, just reverse the association of Line 1 and Line 2.

This module upholds correspondence with Flex IO, POINT IO frameworks and informing capabilities with PLC 5, SLC, CompactLogix and ControlLogix regulators too.

The Data Highway Plus/RIO module performs the following functions:

*Data Highway Plus™ (DH+) Messaging

*CIP Messaging

*Remote I/O

You can send messages between DH+ nodes and other networks which include ControlNet, Ethernet, or other DH+ Networks.  A 1756-DHRIO acts as a scanner by using Remote I/O capabilities. The module exchanges discrete and block transfer data within remote i/o devices. This module gives connectivity between numerous remote I/O adapters.

Messaging between AB DH+ and CIP
The 1756-DRHIO provides a way for information to be transfered between devices between PLC-5s, SLCs and other Controllogix for the following:
• Different network Communications between with PLC-5s or SLCs
• Different network Communications between ControlLogix processors and a PLC-5s or SLCs.
• Different network Communications Between ControlLogix processors.

Details on Data Highway Plus:

Data Highway Plus is a cable or wire with a protocol that provides intercommunication between PCs and devices.  The

networking cable used is named the network medium.  A DH+ connections moves data between PLCs on DH+ such as PLCs, SLCs and ControlLogix processors and other DH+ nodes. You can interface up to 32 stations to one DH+ connections.

anc 100e 180x180 - 1756-DHRIO: Controllogix DH+ Communication Module

ANC-100e, RSLINX Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) Gateway Converter Series. $1,495 USD List.

The ANC-100e is an economical and high performance, “pocket-sized” converter interfacing Factory Automation Devices between Ethernet/IP and PLC-5s & SLC-504s on Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus DH+. This is an alternative converter solution to the 1756-DHRIO / 1756-ENBT Controllogix Gateway.

May 2019: Thanks Shawn at theautomationblog for your video review of the ANC-100e, Ethernet to DH+ Converter https://theautomationblog.com/data-highway-plus-to-ethernet/

(ANC-120e, USB-to-Data Highway Plus, 1784-U2DHP replacement alternative also available using the Controllogix Ethernet/IP Driver feature).  $1,295 USD list.

Connection Design:

Upon creating your DH+ connection, you should use the best design by laying out the overall ahead of time. It is a good idea when designing your DH+ to consider the following:

• All performance neccesities

• Maintenance

• Future additions to the Network

The best cable options is 1770-CD (Belden 9463) cable when interfacing your 1756-DHRIO processor to DH+.  A daisy chain or trunk line/drop line system is how setup the DH+ configuration.

Recommendations for Trunk Line/Drop Line include:

Using connectors that include 1770-SC and cable-lengths that consider:

• trunk line-cable length – depends on the communication rate of the link

• drop-cable length – 30.4 m (100 cable-ft.)

Source Allen-Bradley.