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SLC5/05 Messaging from Ethernet/IP toSLC5/04 on AB Data Highway Plus (DH+)

Note: Before proceeding, make sure  

  • ANC-120e Driver is installed (Only if using ANC-120e)  
  • Network Adapter is correctly configured to access ANC-120e or ANC-100e  ANC-120e is connected to the computer and DH+ network or 
  • ANC-100e is connected to the same Ethernet network or directly to your computer, and to the DH+ network. 

For our example: 

ANC-100e or ANC-120e IP address = 

SLC5/05 IP address = 

SLC5/04 DH+ node = 03 

1. Go to “Comms” Menu and select “Who Active Go Online” Option 

2. Select the SLC5/05 that you want to program and click the OK Button

3. Insert a MSG instruction and configure it as required. For our example, we will use a MSG instruction with the following options: 

Read/Write: Read 

Target Device: 500CPU 

Local/Remote: Remote 

Control Block: N7:10 

4. Once done with the above, click on “Setup Screen” to continue the MSG instruction configuration. 

5. We want to read F8:0 address from the SLC5/04 on DH+ into F8:0 address of our SLC5/05. 

6. Select Channel 1 for Ethernet Communication 

7. Select “MultiHop” Yes to enable the MultiHop Tab 

8. On the MultiHop tab enter the following, using the “insert key” on your keyboard to add each “Hop”: 

This SLC5/05: Channel 1 to EtherNet/IP 

Logix Backplane to Backplane Slot 1 

1756-DHRIO Channel A to Remote Link ID 0 

Remote DH+ to Remote Station 3 

Note: Depending on your settings, the IP address of your ANC-100e or ANC120e, and the remote station on DH+ may change. The backplane slot, the remote link ID and 1756-DHRIO Channel will always be the same. 

Once information has been entered just close the window. 

9. Save and download the program to your SLC5/05, and now it should read/write successfully to your SLC5/04 on DH+ 

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