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AB PLC-5 on DH+ to Ethernet Migration

PLC-5 controllers on DH+ (Data Highway Plus) networks are still in operation in many industrial settings. PLC-5 on DH+ were widely used in industrial automation during the 1980s and 1990s.

PLC-5 controllers on DH+ (Data Highway Plus) networks are still in operation in many industrial settings. PLC-5 on DH+ were widely used in industrial automation during the 1980s and 1990s. Many manufacturing facilities and processes were built around these systems, and completely replacing them can be a costly and complex undertaking. As a result, companies continue to use them to protect their investments in existing infrastructure. There are many good reasons to stay with your existing DH+ PLC-5.

PLC-5 controllers are known for their robustness and reliability. These controllers have a track record of providing stable and consistent performance over many years. In some industries, such as critical manufacturing or infrastructure applications, reliability is paramount, making it challenging to migrate away from a PLC-5.

Cost of Migration
Upgrading or replacing a PLC-5 system with more modern controllers can be expensive. It involves not only purchasing new hardware and software but also requires significant time and resources for system reconfiguration, reprogramming, and testing. The cost of downtime during migration can also be a significant factor.

Limited Compatibility
In some cases, older equipment and devices in a production line or facility may only be compatible with the DH+ communication protocol. Replacing the PLC-5 would require upgrading or replacing these legacy devices, which can be costly and may disrupt operations.

Skilled Workforce
Many industries have a workforce with extensive experience in programming and maintaining PLC-5 controllers. Replacing these controllers would require retraining or hiring new personnel with expertise in more modern automation technologies, which can be a challenge.

Risk Aversion
Some industries, especially those with highly regulated environments such as pharmaceuticals or aerospace, are often risk-averse. They may be hesitant to adopt new technologies or perform major system migrations due to the potential for regulatory scrutiny and the risk of disrupting production.
Proven Solutions PLC-5 controllers have been used in a wide range of applications for decades, and their reliability and performance are well-documented. For many organizations, sticking with a proven solution is a safer choice than adopting newer technologies with less proven track records.

Availability of Spare Parts
Over the years, companies have stockpiled spare parts for PLC-5 systems, ensuring that they can replace components quickly in case of a failure. This availability of spare parts extends the life of these systems.

In some cases, PLC-5 controllers on DH+ networks continue to communicate with legacy equipment and systems that would be difficult or expensive to replace or update.

While the use of PLC-5 controllers on DH+ networks persists, it’s important to note that many organizations are gradually transitioning to more modern control systems as technology advances and as they can allocate resources for upgrades. In the long term, the benefits of improved efficiency, enhanced connectivity, and access to advanced features provided by newer ethernet technologies may outweigh the reasons for maintaining PLC-5 systems, leading to eventual migrations and upgrades in various industries.

The ANC-100e DH+ converters provide communications between newer Ethernet Technologies and DH+ legacy PLC-5s and SLC/504s

ANC-100e: Ethernet/IP to DH+ Converter

The ANC-100e is a pocket-sized, high performance, Industrial Rated Ethernet DH+ Converter.  Features include: Ease of Configuration via Web Interface and DH+ Auto Polarity Detection and DH+ Auto Baud Rate Detection.

$1,295 USD List.

20 min. theautomationblog review.

Data Highway Plus to Ethernet (S02)

The ANC-120e is a competitive alternative to AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable

ANC-120e: USB to DH+ RSlinx PLC

Is an economical and high performance USB-to-Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus converter interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to Devices on DH+. Its features significantly outperform AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable operating at 12 Mg USB speed with the Controllogix Ethernet/IP Driver.
The ANC-120e works with all SCADA, MMI, PLC programming packages installed on your PC with USB direct access to the DH+ network and stations. These packages include RSLINX/LOGIX Classic & Enterprise with RSLOGIX 5/500, Wonderware DAServer & TCP/IO Server, Citect, and Kepware using Controllogix Ethernet/IP Drivers.
$1,295 USD List. 

20 min. theautomationblog review

http://theautomationblog.com/usb-to-data-highway-plus-using-the-anc-120e-a-lower-cost-alternative-to-the-1784-u2dhp/ for more detailed info.

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