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RSLinx Enterprise/FactoryTalk Linx with ANC-100e using HMI feature on a DH+ network

Note: Before proceeding, make sure 

✓ ANC-120e Driver is installed (Only if using ANC-120e) 

✓ Network Adapter is correctly configured to access ANC-120e or ANC-100e 

✓ ANC-120e is connected to the computer and DH+ network or ANC-100e is connected to the same Ethernet network or directly to your computer, and to the DH+ network. 

For this example: 

ANC-100e IP address = 

SLC5/04 DH+ node = 03

1. Turn ON the first row in the ANC-100e’s “HMI” tab in the web interface 

2. Enter an IP address that is not being used (keep in mind that it has to be in the same network the ANC-100e is) and enter the DH+ node of the device that you are connecting to

3. You can repeat steps 1 and 2 for each row to communicate with up to 5 DH+ devices if necessary, using a different IP address in each row Click “Apply” and wait for the unit to reboot (5 seconds)

4. Open “FactoryTalk Administration Console” application

5. Right click in “Network (THIS COMPUTER)” and select “New Application…”

6. Enter a name for the project (“Test” for our example) and click “OK”

7. Right click on the application that you have created and select “Add New Server” -> “Rockwell Automation Device Server (RsLinx Enterprise)”

8. Name the RsLinx Enterprise Server and press “OK”

9. Select “Communication Setup” from the tree on the left side of the screen. 

10. And then Right Click on the “RsLinx Enterprise” server icon that we just created on the right side, and Select “Add Driver”

11.On the “Add Driver Selection” Window, select “Ethernet” and press “OK”

12. Enter a Name for the driver and press “OK”

13. Right Click on the Ethernet driver icon and select “Add Device”. 

14.In the “Add Device Selection” Window, select a suitable device for the one that you are connecting to 

15. If it is a PLC5, select “Ethernet PLC” -> “PLC5 with Ethernet interface” 

16. If it is a SLC5/04, select “Ethernet SLC devices” -> SLC 505 

17. (In this document, we are connecting to a SLC5/04 with 16K, thus we selected “1747-L551E, SLC-5/05 Processor w/16K” 

18. Then press “OK”

19.Name the processor and enter the IP address that you used on the HMI tab of the ANC-100e to communicate with this PLC or SLC that you are configuring (in our case: 

20. Then press “OK”

21. Now you should see the added device in the tree on the right side of the screen 

*Note: In case you’re having issues with the IP address assigned saying that the IP address is already being used or the device showing a yellow question mark or there is a warning sign or you are not allowed to add the device. Please first assign the IP address here in Device Properties and then add it to the HMI tab inside the web configuration of the ANC-100e/120e 

22.If you used more than 1 row in the HMI tab of the ANC-100e, repeat steps 13 to 20 for each row 

23. To test the connection of a device, you can use the following procedure. 

24. Click on “Add” and enter a shortcut name 

25. Then link it to the added processor by selecting the shortcut and then clicking on the processor. Then click on “Apply”

26. You should see a window showing the information of the shortcut, press “Yes”

27. Then Click the “OK” button on the bottom of the screen to save the shortcut and make it effective 

28. Open Factory Talk Live Data Test Client 

29.In the “Initial Connection” Window, select the project name that you created for this (in our example, we named it “Test”). Then Click “OK“ to open it

30. Create a default group and press “OK”

31. Then we get to a window where we can see that our shortcut named “testsc” is able to show the data from our processor

32. Select a data word to add to the client (For instance “B3:0”), and click “OK” to add it

33. Now you should be able to see/monitor the value in the selected memory address of the processor

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