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Ignition HMI SCADA Ethernet to AB’s DH+ PLC-5 & SLC 5/04s

Automation Networks ANC-100e Ethernet communications between Ignition HMI SCADA and SLC 5/04s & PLC-5s on AB’s Data Highway Plus (DH+). Note: This application note also refers to the ANC-120e, USB to DH+ PLC Programming Cable.

In Ignition simply select “OPC-UA Server” then choose “Allen-Bradley SLC / Connect to SLC 5/05 via Ethernet” option as described below.

ANC-100e, Ethernet to Data Highway Plus (DH+) Converter is a pocket-sized, high performance, Industrial Rated priced at $1,295 USD list.

ANC-100e: Ethernet/IP to DH+ Converter

ANC-100e Features include:
*Ease of Configuration via Web Interface
*DH+ Auto Polarity Detection and DH+ Auto Baud Rate Detection.
*Driver option is AB’s Controllogix Ethernet/IP with most major HMI SCADA packages.

*Reliably supports all DH+ data rates – 57.6, 115.2 and 230.4 Baud: length exceeding standard requirements.
*DH+ connections: 3-pin Phoenix Blue Hose connector or direct 8-pin mini din cable to PLC port. (incl. 8 pin mini din cable).

For more ANC-100e information click here:

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Ignition HMI SCADA Ethernet to AB’s DH+ PLC-5 & SLC 5/04s

This Ignition HMI SCADA setup on Ethernet to PLC-5s & SLC 5/04s on AB’s DH+ provides information to configure Ignition HMI software running in a computer connected via Ethernet Network with an ANC-100e or USB using a ANC-120e to communicate with a SLC5/04 on a Data Highway Plus network.

Ignition software from Inductive Automation ® is a powerful industrial software platform built for SCADA, MES and IIoT applications.

Ignition by Inductive Automation is a trademark of Inductive Automation, LLC.

Note: Before proceeding, make sure:

  • ANC-120e Driver is installed (Only if using ANC-120e)
  • Network Adapter is correctly configured to access ANC-120e or ANC-100e
  • ANC-120e is connected to the computer and DH+ network or ANC-100e is connected to the same Ethernet network or directly to your computer, and to the DH+ network.

For this example:

ANC-100e IP address =

SLC5/04 DH+ node = 03

Ignition Version 7.9.3

  1. Open the “Ignition Gateway Control Utility” and click on “Go to webpage”

2 . Login to the configuration setting and go to the “OPC-UA SERVER” section on the left area of the screen and click on “Devices”

3 . Click on the blue arrow on “Create New Device…”

4 . On the “Add Device Step 1: Choose Type” screen, select “Allen-Bradley SLC” or

“Allen-Bradley PLC5”, depending on your case, and click Next. In our case, we are selecting “Allen-Bradley SLC”

5 . On the New Device page, leave all the default values and type in the following fields:

“Name”: SLC (or the name you would like the device to have)

“Hostname”: type the IP address of the ANC-100e (default is

“Connection Path”: 1,1,2,NN

Where NN is the node address of the target DH+ device

(03 for our example, so the resulting connection path is: 1,1,2,3

6 . Click “Create New Device”

7 . The “Devices” page is displayed showing the SLC device is added to Ignition. The Status will show as “Disconnected” for a brief period of time and then Connected

8 . To test the connection, go to “OPC Connections” -> “Quick Client”

9. In the “OPC Quick Client” screen, browse the “Devices” folder to find your device. You can expand it to see all the filenames and tags

10 . To read a tag, use the “[r]” option to its left

11 . If you can read the tags in your DH+ device, then you have successfully configured your ANC-100e or ANC-120e and Ignition software to communicate with a SLC5/04 on Data Highway Plus.

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