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SLC 504 Programmable Controllers

The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 is a family programmable controllers that is are available in the chassis format with discrete, analog, and specialty I/O, and peripheral devices

SLC 500 product line is very versatile and powerful providing many communications options, configurations, and memory options.

The SLC system gives is ideal for freestanding or distributed industrial control.  It available with up to 64 K of configurable data/program memory and 60 types of I/O modules, providing many networking options.

SLC 5/04

The SLC 5/04 is most used on Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus DH+ networks.

It allows fast SLC 5/04-to-SLC 5/04 communications and connectivity directly to PLC-5s.

The SLC 5/04 has the option to be configured in a Modular I/O format with a maximum of 3 chassis (30 total slots) and from 4 I/O points to a maximum of 4096 I/O points.  Memory options can be 16 K, 32 K, or 64 K.

Data Highway Plus (DH+)

channel offers:

  • 57.6 Kbaud, 115.2 Kbaud, and 230.4 Kbaud Communication speeds.
  • Maximum network length of 3048 m (10,000 ft) at 57.6 Kbaud
  • Belden 9463 (blue hose) cable connection between nodes (daisy chain connection).
  • Built-in isolation


channel offers:

  • 19.2 Kbaud (38.4 Kbaud SLC 5/04 and SLC 5/05 processors) Communication speeds.
  • Maximum length between devices is 15.24 m (50 ft).
  • RS-232C (EIA-232) electrical specifications.
  • modem support.
  • built-in isolation


DH-485(1), DF1 full-duplex, DF1 half-duplex master/slave, ASCII, DF1 radio modem, and Modbus RTU Master protocols.

The ANC-100e DH+ converters provide communications between newer Ethernet Technologies and DH+ legacy PLC-5s and SLC/504s

ANC-100e: Ethernet/IP to DH+ Converter

The ANC-100e is a pocket-sized, high performance, Industrial Rated Ethernet DH+ Converter.  Features include: Ease of Configuration via Web Interface and DH+ Auto Polarity Detection and DH+ Auto Baud Rate Detection.

$1,295 USD List.

you can check https://theautomationblog.com/data-highway-plus-to-ethernet/ for more detailed info.

The ANC-120e is a competitive alternative to AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable

ANC-120e: USB to DH+ RSlinx PLC

Is an economical and high performance USB-to-Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus converter interfacing major HMI, SCADA, PLC Programming packages to Devices on DH+. Its features significantly outperform AB’s 1784-U2DHP PLC Programming Cable operating at 12 Mg USB speed with the Controllogix Ethernet/IP Driver.
The ANC-120e works with all SCADA, MMI, PLC programming packages installed on your PC with USB direct access to the DH+ network and stations. These packages include RSLINX/LOGIX Classic & Enterprise with RSLOGIX 5/500, Wonderware DAServer & TCP/IO Server, Citect, and Kepware using Controllogix Ethernet/IP Drivers.
$1,295 USD List. 

You can check http://theautomationblog.com/usb-to-data-highway-plus-using-the-anc-120e-a-lower-cost-alternative-to-the-1784-u2dhp/ for more detailed info.

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