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ANC-132 Siemens PLC s7 usb to mpi profibus dp ppi 32 64 bit

One cable 3 protocols, this is our newest Siemens USB to Profibus / DP or USB to MPI adapter for programming Siemens 300/400 CPU’s on either a DP (profibus) or MPI network and is supported with 32 or 64 bit systems (PC’s) running Windows, made by us not Siemens, this is our version of the 6GK1571-0BA00-0AA0 and 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0


If you are using Step7 v5.5 or a newer version you do not need to load a driver as they are built into the Siemens software, see our support page and video for setup

Works with Step7 V5.5 and TIA Portal V13


Also supports 485/PPI for all Siemens 200 CPU’s (not multimaster)

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