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kepware kepserver ANC-100e ANC-120e Ethernet/IP to DH application note

As of my last update, specific application notes or detailed instructions regarding the integration of Kepware’s KEPServer with devices like the ANC-100e and ANC-120e for Ethernet/IP to Data Highway (DH) communication were not available in my training data. However, I can provide a general overview and some steps you might consider when setting up such a system.

Kepware KEPServerEX:

KEPServerEX by Kepware is a widely used connectivity platform providing servers for various protocols and devices in industrial automation. It’s known for its ability to connect disparate devices and systems, enabling data aggregation, monitoring, and control.

ANC-100e and ANC-120e:

  • ANC-100e: This is a gateway device that typically facilitates communication between Ethernet/IP networks and Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) networks.
  • ANC-120e: Similar to the ANC-100e, the ANC-120e is used for bridging modern Ethernet networks with legacy DH+ networks.

General Steps for Integration:

  1. Configure the Gateway:
    • Set up the ANC-100e or ANC-120e gateway according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will involve configuring network parameters to allow communication between the Ethernet/IP and DH+ networks.
  2. KEPServerEX Setup:
    • In KEPServerEX, create a new channel and select the appropriate driver for Ethernet/IP or DH+, depending on your specific setup.
    • Configure the channel properties, including specifying the IP address of the gateway.
    • Create devices within this channel, defining parameters that match those of the PLCs or other devices you wish to communicate with on the DH+ network.
  3. Testing Communication:
    • Once the configuration is complete, test the communication between KEPServerEX and the gateway, and subsequently between the gateway and the devices on the DH+ network.
    • Use KEPServerEX’s diagnostic features to troubleshoot any issues.
  4. Client Application Configuration:
    • Configure your client application (such as an HMI, SCADA system, or data logging software) to connect to KEPServerEX for accessing data from the DH+ network.


  • Firmware and Software Versions: Ensure that the firmware of the ANC devices and the version of KEPServerEX are compatible and up to date.
  • Network Configuration: Pay attention to network configurations, including subnet masks and gateway settings, to ensure seamless communication across different network segments.
  • Security: Consider implementing security measures to protect your network, especially when integrating older systems with newer network technologies.
  • Technical Support: If you encounter specific issues or need detailed guidance, reaching out to the technical support teams of Kepware, Automation Networks (manufacturer of ANC-100e and ANC-120e), or a qualified industrial network specialist is advisable.

For detailed application notes or step-by-step guides, I recommend checking the official websites or support portals of Kepware and Automation Networks, as they would provide the most current and comprehensive information.

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