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Discover the ANC-120e: Revolutionizing USB to DH+ Conversion

Meet the ANC-120e – a game-changer in USB to Allen Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) PLC Programming Cables. This USB to DH+ Converter emerges as an affordable, high-performance alternative to the traditional models like the 1784-U2DHP, 1784-PKTX, 1784-KTX, and 1784-PCMK.

Unveiling the ANC-120e USB to DH+ Converter’s Key Features

  • Affordability: The ANC-120e, offers substantial savings over models such as the 1784-U2DHP.
  • Rapid Communication: By harnessing 12Mb USB speeds and supporting DH+ communications up to 230.4Kb, the ANC-120e ensures swift and effective data transfer.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Thanks to the RSLINX Controllogix Ethernet/IP driver, configuring the ANC-120e is simple and user-friendly.

Enhancing Connectivity and Compatibility

In addition to these features, the ANC-120e shines by offering broad connectivity to various HMI, SCADA, and PLC programming packages. Its versatility is particularly beneficial for communication with older PLC-5 and SLC 5/04 systems on DH+.

Supporting a Range of Applications

Furthermore, the ANC-120e aligns with all SCADA, HMI, and PLC programming packages that require direct Ethernet/IP access to DH+ nodes, including PLC-5 and SLC 5/04s. Compatibility with software like RSLinx Classic and RSLOGIX 5 / 500 further extends its utility across different industrial environments.

Designing for Convenience and Durability

Significantly, the ANC-120e is crafted for ease of use. It enables a straightforward connection to a DH+ network via a USB port, either through AB blue hose wiring or an 8-Pin Din connector. This blend of easy connectivity and durable design positions the ANC-120e as a dependable tool for industrial applications.

Balancing Affordability with High Performance

ANC-120e is not only wallet-friendly but also excels in performance. It achieves a full 12Mb USB speed, avoiding the common bottlenecks found in RS232 USB conversions. Additionally, it’s compatible with a wide array of 1784-xxxx models.

Availability and Assurance

Ready for purchase, the ANC-120e – a reliable and efficient USB to DH+ converter

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