SmartPanels are new Human Machine Interface (HMI) / Operator Interfaces. As a professional and experienced manufacturer, we supply high-performance and quality human machine interfaces (HMI),


  • Three high-performance HMI750,1050 & 1550 with 1GHz CPU, standard Ethernet and SD slot.
  • Five models in four sizes of 4.3″, 7″, 10″ & 15″.
  • All HMI are with Windows CE 6.0 operating system
  • Networks of MPI/Profubus-DP,ProfiNet,Ethernet/IP,CANopen,EtherCAT,BACnet,CC-Link.
  • OPC server within Panel Studio includes many drivers for PLCs, inverters and 3rd party devices for Serial and Ethernet ports.
  • 18 languages at Editor for Programmer/application developer
Station type Inteligent Device
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version Ver.1.1
External dimensions 212 x 156 x 57 [mm]
Mass 1.2 [kg]
Standard Price