SLC 500 Programmable Controllers

The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 is a line of programmable controllers that is  based on  a chassis with discrete, analog, and specialty I/O, and peripheral devices.

SLC 500 product line is flexible with power and provides many communication options, configurations, and memory options. RSLogix 500 ladder logic software comes with editors, point-and-click I/O configuration, and a powerful database editor. It also includes diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to make applications most productive.

The SLC system gives a power package for freestanding or distributed industrial control.  It comes with up to 64 K of configurable data/program memory and 60 types of I/O modules with many networking options.

You can determine your processor module with the on-board ports that is required. You add modules for the processor as you need to provide additional communication ports.

You can choose Networks for your I/O in locations remote from the processor which include  ControlNet, DeviceNet, or Univeral I/O link.

You will need a module in both the local and remote chassis. It will depend on the communication ports which you want for your particular SLC control systyem. You can choose operator interfaces that work with your specific system.

Laying Out the System

You can Lay out the system by figuring out the amount of I/O you need, the network configurations, and when you want to place the components. You can determine if each chassis needs its own controller or a networked option. SLC 500 processors comes with many ranges of memory sizes (1 K…64 K) and can control up to 4096 input and 4096 output signals.

All of the processors except the SLC 5/01 processor can control I/O remotely. When you add the I/O scanner module, these processors can be used to control/monitor these I/O remotely with ControlNet, DeviceNet, and Universal Remote I/O links.