• One incorporated, versatile automation stagePLC, motion/robotics and IT functionality,no additional and /or exclusive equipment required for the complete machine (incl. robotics)

      Adaptable Controller execution from 0 to 99 servo drives/up to 30 robots Software can be ported between stages

      One programming tool, one project for the complete machine

      Completely incorporated Ethernet-based correspondence utilizing SERCOS III

      Open framework, supporting other field transports and in addition TCP/IP correspondence

      Complete automation arrangements

      Tool supporting the building process, including appointing and diagnostics

      Application libraries and open source programming

      Servo drives, Multi/single hub arrangements and coordinated servo drives

      Brushless servo engines with high determination total encoders

      Complete scope of HMI arrangements

      Parts and I/O arrangements on different field transport models

      Wellbeing capacities (as indicated by IEC 61508: 2010, EN/ISO 13849: 2008)

      Automation arrangements (kinematic bundles, including drives, hardware and programming) up to IP 65

      Backing of secluded machine plan in equipment/programming

      > less costs, less time to advertise

      Open guidelines

     > less costs, less time to market

    • Open standards
      • IEC 61131-3 compliant programming design
      • IEC standards for field bus communication
      • International standards for vertical integration or remote maintenance
      • OMAC PackML and Weihenstephan standard
      • FDA and PLCopen compliant library functions

    The LXM62DxxxC and LXM62DxxxD products replace the single-channel variants (LXM62DxxxA and LXM62DxxxB), which are no longer available.

  • Benefits

    The automation solution for faster time to market!

    PacDrive 3 is based upon proven logic motion technology, which unifies PLC, motion, and robotics control functionality on a single hardware platform. With its centralized system architecture, PacDrive is the ideal solution for controlling a broad range of servo-driven production and packaging machines, as well as material handling equipmentand robotics, using fully integrated, IEC 61131-3-compliant program structures. PacDrive 3 is the new generation based on the proven PacDrive M system. More than 50.000 machines worldwide are controlled by PacDrive M.

  • Application

    • General machine control
    • Packaging machines
    • Material Handling