Modicon Momentum PLC

Modicon Momentum PLC options and accessories include: I/O bases, processor adapters, option adapters and communication adapters that are interchangeable and snap together to deliver optimal flexibility throughout the control system life cycle.

The Modicon Momentum PLC offers:

  • IP 20 Monoblock I/O bases which provide the foundation for the rest of the Modicon Momentum control system and serve as the mounting base for communication adapters and processors. Over 30 I/O module types available: Analogue, Discrete, Multi-function, etc.
  • Processor Adapters:
    • Operate with a single local I/O module or in systems with up to 32 I/O modules
    • Built-in communication ports including, Ethernet Modbus™ TCP/IP or Modbus RS232/RS485 serial communication, USB and IO Bus
    • Perform functions including data acquisition, peer-to-peer communication, and I/O scanning. Embedded web pages enable the use of a standard web browser to read status and diagnostic information from the processor.
  • Communication Adapters snap into any of the I/O modules and include Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus™ Plus, FIPIO™, INTERBUS™, and PROFIBUS® DP.
  • The Modicon Momentum PLC also offers selected I/O bases, processors, and communication modules with conformal coating – ideal for applications with harsh or humid environments that require a small footprint.

Modicon Momentum Unity CPU
The Modicon Momentum Unity™ CPU allows the simple upgrade that helps you increase the capacity and efficiency of your legacy Modicon Momentum application in a cost-effective way. The Modicon Momentum Unity CPU enables you to standardize and manage your controllers on a single programming software, Unity Pro software. It delivers a low-cost and low-risk modernization path while protecting your previous investment.

The Modicon Momentum Unity CPU is a  modernization strategy for your legacy PLCs. Unite all the small, medium, and large controllers on the Unity Pro software platform with robust communications and state-of-the-art programming functions

  • Cost-effective – Preserve the existing Momentum I/O investment and import developed Modsoft™, Proworx™, or Concept™ application programs
  • Simple – Upgrade to a single, intuitive software suite to manage all controllers
  • Ready for the future – Embark on a clear path for future modernization with PlantStruxure integrated architecture