Connect the handy GOT with Q series PLC via CC-Link.
The removable handy GOT can be removed from the GT11H(S)-CCL and connected to a different GT11HS-CCL, or connected simultaneously to operate a machine.


  • PLCs can be remotely operated via CC-Link.
  • Online operations such as monitoring and data changing of the Q PLC master station CPU, connected to CC-Link, can be carried out from the Handy GOT.
  • The Handy GOT operation switch input information can be sent to the Q PLC master station CPU via CC-Link, allowing wiring to be reduced.
  • The Handy GOT removal switch (release switch) makes it easy to remove the Handy GOT while the power is ON.
  • When the Handy GOT emergency switch contact relay function GT11H-CCL is provided, the relay contact is not opened if the Handy GOT is not connected.
  • Opened when GT11HS-CCL.
gt11hs ccl - Mitsubishi Graphic Operation Terminal CC-Link Handy GOT: GT11HS-CCL
Station type Intelligent device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station
CC-Link version Ver.1
External dimensions 126×72×80 [mm]
Mass 約0.5 [kg]