Newly compatible with the series KV-5500/5000/3000 products with a standard feature of the ultra-high speed & Ethernet (FL-net) (The Ethernet function is available only for KV-5500/5000).
Enables to construct a network utilizing the features of the ultra-high speed and huge capacity of the CPU module.


  • Compatible with a variety of operational stations. Master station / master station (dual system) / waiting master station / local station
  • The KV STUDIO (a ladder support software) has a connection setting tool as a standard feature.
  • Equipped with the functions of automatic configuration, master module monitor and link device monitor.
Station type Master station/Local station
Number of stations occupied 1 to 4 stations (for local stations)
CC-Link version Ver. 2
External dimensions 35(W)×90(H)×80(D) mm
Mass Approx.0.11 kg