This I/F unit is connectable to the CC-Link without using any program!!
It also realizes high-speed distributed systems and contributes to an improvement in productivity.


  • The CC-Link is available by attaching this CU-02 (CC-Link communication I/F unit) to a MONITOUCH V8/V7 series.
  • Any V8/V7 series can function as an intelligent device station.
  • Any V8/V7 series can communicate with a PLC without using any program and access to data registers(D) and other devices.
Station typeIntelligent device station
Number of stations occupied1 station or 4 stations
CC-Link versionVer.1.1
External dimensions98.0 (H)×150.5 (W)×32.0 (D)mm
MassApprox. 0.23 kg