This is a special function block for FX3G/FX3GC/FX3U/FX3UC PLCs.

Up to 8 remote I/O stations and 8 remote device stations / inteligent device stations can be connected to the master station.
(For an FX3G as master, maximum 4 remote I/O stations)


  • Compatible with CC-Link Ver. 2.00 and Ver. 1.10
  • The FX3U-16CCL-M supports connection of intelligent device stations   (NOTE.Local stations can not be connected.)
  • The FX3U-16CCL-M supports the setting of network parameters.
  • The FX3U-16CCL-M supports the remote device station initialization procedure registration function.
  • The FX3U-16CCL-M supports the other station access function from CC-Link.
47542 20120403100552 - CC-Link master block FX3U-16CCL-M
Station type master
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version Ver.2.00 (Ver.1.10 also)
External dimensions 55W × 90H × 87D[mm]
Mass 0.3[kg]