BACnet IP utilizes a standard UDP/IP stack to send and get messages. Generally, the same packet that would be found on a MS/TP connection is encapsulated in a UDP/IP packet and called BACnet IP. Devices use IP locations and Ethernet MAC addresses like other UDP/IP system devices. There is no understanding of expert/slave token going since Ethernet is naturally parented in nature. Devices essentially transmit to their planned beneficiary voluntarily, and let Ethernet manage packet collisions and retries as required.

BACnet/IP Overview

● UDP/IP on port 47808 (0xBAC0)

● NDPU, APDU same as others

● MAC adress is IP Address, Port Number

● Unicast, Broadcast

● BACnet Ethernet, BACnet/IP Share Wire

BACnet IP Addressing

The standard Ethernet IP address is utilized to recognize devices on the IP network. The IP address is utilized to physically route messages on the network, while BACnet device still distinguishes a gadget in the BACnet framework.