1761-NET-DNI: DF1 converter to DeviceNet

The DeviceNet communications module is a freestanding, DIN-rail or panel mounted, smart DF1 to Devicenet converter that allows DF1 drives talk on the DeviceNet network. I/O data is exchanged with the master device and gets DF1 encapsulated DeviceNet messages across the DeviceNet network. A single DeviceNet interface point is provided with the 1761 and a single RS-232 interface. The port is isolated from the RS232 port and 1761 digital logic.
The main capabilities of the 1761-NET-DNI Include:

*Receive and get data from the DF1 device through the RS232 port and give it to the Master on the DeviceNet Network.
*Write data to the DF1 device and Monitor output data received.

*Provide a way for DF1 devices to receive/send messages on the DeviceNet network.

Operating Modes:

The 1761-NET-DNI is capable of the following:
• Peer-to-peer
• DeviceNet slave
Device Compatibility:

The 1761-NET-DNI intercommunicates in these devices:
• MicroLogix.
• PLC-5s, Operator Interfaces, SLCs with DF1 Full Duplex.

The DNI has the ability to be owned by a master on DeviceNet. This capability is a piece of the I/O class of services, and provides a way for a master device to control another device’s data and resources. This capability is similiar to a PLC with remote I/O. Distributed inputs / outputs  are used by A PLC with the the remote I/O chassis.

The DeviceNetmaster/slave conditions are similiar, other than being achieved over DeviceNet. The number of data communications used between devices that implement I/O master/slave services is considered by way each device is designed. It is able to control 32 I/O words of DeviceNet Master I/O data for Series A (64 for DNI Series B). This consists of 2 images broken down between the input / output image.