The 1784-U2CN USB-to-ControlNet link gives you a chance to connect a personal computer or desktop PC to a ControlNet network by utilizing a free USB port on the PC. The item replaces the 1784-PCC communication card for PCs that don’t have PCMCIA openings.

The link is intended to work with Frontline’s NetDecoder movement analyzer programming

The 1784-U2CN cable is 10 feet long and contains a case with a NAP connector. The case houses the gadgets required to perform the same capacities as the PCMCIA card, 1784-PCC, that it replaces. Likewise, the case incorporates two revolving system address switches and symptomatic LEDs.

All force required by the case is supplied through the USB port, making an outer force source pointless. Furthermore, with the 1784-U2CN link, the extra link that was required from the ControlNet system to the PC when utilizing the PCMCIA card is no more fundamental, subsequently decreasing the aggregate expense of your correspondence framework.